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The 3 Best Spots to be Bluffing at the Online Poker Table

When it comes to bluffing at the online poker tables, you really have to choose your spots carefully. If you think you are going to just muscle anyone when you think you can, think again. There are players who rarely fold or ones who will call you just to see what you have if you are not careful or if you get a reputation for being the table bully.


Here are three different betting opportunities where you should be able to bluff and win the majority of the times playing online.


The blinds are the easiest and least costly place to start bluffing. While this move is low reward, it is still some reward because you are gaining the experience of bluffing more regularly. Pick your spots, make sure the weakest players are in the blinds before you raise the pot.


The next spot to bluff is when the ace hits the board. This care strikes fear in weaker players who are holding any pairs or draws. If these players were betting but now check, you have to represent that ace and make sure the bet is big enough that they are not likely to come follow.


Finally, the biggest reward is when you bluff on the river if any of a number of draws make it. The draws scare the players who have been betting marginal hands, and now feel they are way behind. If you are going to bluff for a big pot and push someone off a hand, the best has to be large enough to scare them.


Now that you see how you could be bluffing and winning at the online poker tables, all you need to do is start slow and work your way up to bluffing when all the chips are on the line. You may click this poker986 for more info.